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Know What Your Opi Gel Manicure Kit Contains

A nail manicure is something that every woman looks forward to as an integral part of building up her personality. Yes, a perfectly-done nail manicure can enhance her beauty to extreme levels. Similarly, a badly-done job cab can bring down her confidence levels to the ebb. Therefore, women generally prefer to visit a nail salon to get their nail manicures performed by experts.

The pandemic has turned the world topsy-turvy with its lockdown restrictions.  Even today, nail salons are functioning with limited capacity. Under such circumstances, the ideal alternative is to go for a DIY nail manicure at home. It requires women to learn how to apply nail polish. You also need to invest in a proper gel manicure kit. Fortunately, you have quality nail polish products like the OPI gel manicure kit available online.

Manicure Kits at Home

When you purchase your OPI gel polish online, you should look out for the following items in your nail manicure kit:

Sterilized Nail File – Preparing your nails is paramount for your nail manicure. Your nails should be in perfect shape without any rough edges. A sterilized nail file should prove ideal to ensure that your nails are in good condition. Your nails can experience lifting of the polish if you do not smoothen the edges.

Sterilized Nail Buff – The basecoat application is the primary step in any nail manicure. Your nail bed surface needs buffing with a sterilized nail buff to let the basecoat adhere to it. The buffing procedure involves roughing up the nail surface to make it possible for the basecoat to stick to it.

Basecoat application – The basecoat is a crucial ingredient of any nail manicure. You should note that the gel polish or the dipping powder does not stick to the nail but the basecoat. The basecoat application is a transparent gel-like substance that you apply on the nail surface before the manicure.

Gel Polish – The OPI gel color set offers an extensive range of attractive colors. You can choose your favorite color shade from among the thousands available online. It is advisable to purchase an extra bottle of gel polish of the same color you wish to apply. You can use the same shade if the polish gets damaged.

Topcoat application – The topcoat provides a glossy finish to your nail manicure. Every gel polish manicure kit should have a topcoat application. It is a transparent liquid that lends shine to your nail polish. If you wish to have a matte finish, you can apply a lighter coat. A thick coating ensures a glossy finish to your nail.

Nail Polish remover – The nail polish remover solution should form a crucial component of your nail manicure kit. You will need the nail polish remover to remove the nail polish that extends over your fingers when applying it. Generally, nail polish remover contains acetone. You can dab a cotton ball into the solution and wipe out the area where there are smudges. It ensures a perfect nail manicure.

Besides the items described above, the nail manicure kit comprises other ingredients like cotton balls, nail polish brushes, cuticle pushers, etc., required for the ideal manicure.

Where do you buy a nail manicure kit?

Nail manicure kits are available at all cosmetic shops. You can also buy OPI gel polish online. When purchasing nail polish, it is better to opt for high-quality products. You get various cheap products on the market. Though these inexpensive products can provide a decent nail manicure job, it is not advisable to have one because they do not last long. A high-quality product like the OPI gel color set should comfortably last for three to four weeks.

How to apply gel polish?

Since you have purchased your OPI gel manicure kit, it is better to know how to apply gel polish to your nails. The procedure requires practice to master it.

Preparing your nails is essential. Use the sterilized nail file to shape your nails. One should ensure not to have sharp edges as it can cause lifting of your nail. The orangewood cuticle pusher proves handy to push the cuticles into their grooves. The next step is to use the nail buff to rough up the nail surface.

The basecoat application is crucial because it helps the gel polish adhere to the nail. When applying the basecoat, it is essential to have as thin a coat as possible. You should also ensure to leave a gap of a millimeter or two at the edges near the cuticle. Applying the gel polish in even coats is the next part of your nail manicure. It is essential to cure the gel polish under the UV lamp for a minute or two to let the polish dry.

Finally, you apply the topcoat according to your requirements. The topcoat application also requires curing under the UV lamp for a perfect nail manicure.


Now, you have the best nail manicure. The OPI gel color set ensures that your nail manicure lasts comfortably for up to four weeks. You can proudly show off your manicure on Instagram and Facebook.