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Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

Many women find it challenging to match the nail polish with their outfit or occasion. For example, the nail colors that seem perfect for a wedding could look out of place when attending a formal official meeting. Similarly, the nail polish shades you wear for an interview are completely different from those you wear on the beach. However, you have some DND gel colors that seem perfect for all occasions. Let us see what these classic colors are.

Best Nail Color for All Occasions

The Neutral Shades – Matches all skin tones

Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

If you are scouting for a simple color combo that suits all attire and occasions, you need not look beyond the neutral shades. These colors pair well with every skin tone. So, these neutral shades stand out whether you are in the boardroom discussing an important project with your directors or having fun on the beach with your loved ones. If you doubt which neutral shade to choose, your nail therapist is the ideal person to guide you properly.

Dove Grey – Looks modern and iconic

Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

When shopping for your DND nail gel polish, you should make it a point to look for colors that you would otherwise skip. For example, the dove grey shade could look dull on the mall counter but can be excellent on your nails. You could end up having nails that people would stop to admire. Dove grey is a fresh color that looks more modern and iconic, especially if you have a lighter shade horizontally halfway down your nails.

Chrome finish – A sophisticated color

Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

Many women avoid metallic shades as they tend to suit a particular outfit. While this could be true of the golden or bronze shades, the chrome finish is something different. It suits every attire, right from the formal to the casual. So, painting a chrome finish on your nails suits you at a wedding or when you attend an interview to seek a salary raise. Besides, the chrome finish looks sophisticated and suits every skin tone perfectly.

The Green Tinge – An evergreen color

Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

Green is something you wear during the spring season. However, the trend has changed now, with more people preferring green DND gel shades. The best aspect of the evergreen shades is that they catch your eye. However, you should choose the right depth to match your skin tone.

The Sky Blue – Becoming the latest fad

Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

A couple of years ago, most women would have chosen the deep red hues as their favorite colors. But, things are changing, with youngsters not being afraid to experiment with new colors. The Sky Blue gel finish is one such shade that is climbing up the popularity ladder today. So, if you are at a cocktail party or frolicking in the swimming pool, the Sky Blue tone suits you perfectly. Of all the colors discussed here, the sky blue hue is the warmest that looks great with every skin tone.

The Pitch Black – Grabs your attention

Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

Black has always been a beautiful color, primarily because it matches all color tones. Besides, black has the shiniest look amongst all its peers. A strong black DND nail gel polish manicure gives a strong and appealing appearance. Nothing can be more glamorous than pure blacks as it gives you a sophisticated look. Many women feel reluctant to wear black in the office, but pitch black is the perfect tone if you seek to grab attention towards your side.

Pastel Pink – Never goes out of fashion

Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

If there is one shade that never goes out of fashion, it has to be the pastel pinks and the deep reds. The pastel pinks look better because they suit the fair skin tone and tanned skin colors. Besides, pink looks equally great on short and long nails. So whatever might be the dress you wear or the occasion you attend, the pastel pinks play a critical role in enhancing your overall appeal.

Bordeaux – The most vibrant color of all

Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

If you search the internet for the perfect color that suits formal and informal parties alike, the Bordeaux shades seem head and shoulders above all. The Bordeaux shade with the deep red lines peeking through enhances your gorgeous looks and takes it to an entirely different level altogether. When trying out a bordeaux DND gel finish, it is advisable to go for the moon manicure to make your nails the center of all attraction.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed eight beautiful shades that suit any occasion and look great with all skin tones. So, choosing your favorite all-purpose DND daisy nail polish shade should not be an issue at all. You can visit our website and choose from the exciting range of nail colors on display. These classic shades are such that you can wear them for any occasion and with any attire.