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The Five Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

You have been working continuously for more than six months now after COVID-19. One must say that you have a hectic lifestyle. So, you deserve a break. The time has arrived when you can pack your bags, board the plane to visit the Caribbean Islands, and have a classic time exploring the beautiful beaches in the West Indies.

You have packed your bags with your best swimwear collection. Besides, you have your sun hats and shades in place. But what about your nail polish? Which colors should you have when frolicking on the beach? Of course, the sober colors you wear to the office will not look good. So it is time to chuck out the old colors and ring in the new OPI nail polish bottles. You have an exciting range of new OPI colors to choose from. We shall discuss some of the most attractive choices to make your beach day memorable.

Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

The skin-colored nude shades

Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

Of course, nobody expects you to wear a two-piece suit to a beach vacation. But, you will be in the sun in your swimming gear. So, the official bright reds can look out of place with your beachside look. The best combo you can ever try is the skin-colored nude shade.

OPI offers an excellent range of colors that match your skin tone the best. For example, you have a light tan shade if you are fair-skinned. At the same time, the darker tan shades should be perfect for people with wheaty skin tones. But, of course, the best part of having the nude skin-colored style on your nails is that they match the beach sand color the best. (more…)