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The Benefits of Essential Oils and Tips to Use Them for a Better Skin

Essential oils have been used in skincare routines since ancient times. They bear a number of benefits and are really important for the healthy growth of your skin. In recent years, due to the development of synthetic products, essential oils have been moved away from the limelight and do not receive much attention. It is the time when we realize the importance of these natural components and use them for the betterment of our skin.

Benefits of Essential Oils

In this article, we’ll discuss various aspects of essential oils and their usage in skin care.

Advantages of essential oils

Essential oils have a number of benefits. Today, quite a lot of essential oil brands are providing you the highest quality products. These help in achieving the skincare goals you have designed for yourself. Here are a few of the benefits of essential oils.

Natural origin

Essential oils originate from nature. They do not contain any harmful chemicals and every component is useful for the health of your skin.

Safe and skin friendly

Being originated from nature, essential oils are totally safe and skin friendly. They do not have any irritating or harmful constituents and hence, are compatible with all skin types.


The natural essential oils are the best source for hydration and keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

Nutrient factors

All the essential oils contain Vitamins and nutritive minerals that fulfill the deficiencies of your skin. It is a great way to restock the lost factors from your cells.

Skin uplift and rejuvenating effects

Applying essential oil and massaging your face can uplift and revitalize your skin cells. It helps in increasing blood circulation and helps the skin cells grow.

Healing powers

Essential oils have a number of factors that help your skin heal and regrow. The after effects of acne, eczema or skin irritation can largely be reduced by the regular use of essential oils.

How to use essential oils?

While using essential oils, few things should be kept in mind.

The right time to use

The best time to apply essential oils on your face is night. During the night, there is less strain on your skin cells and they can uptake the oil better than during the day when a lot of factors are already affecting your skin.

The right way to apply

Apply a few drops of oil on your face. Rub them with your fingertips until they get completely absorbed into your cells. After that, you can use a Jade roller to massage your face and let the oils completely get into your skin cells.

The right spot to focus on

The best spots to apply essential oils are under the eye, the T zone, under and over the lip areas and around the nose.

Use of essential oils for different skin types

Essential oils have efficacy for different skin types.

For dry skin

They can help provide moisture and restore the lost hydration.

For pigmented skin

Essential oils help in reducing the excessive production of melanin. The best essential oils for hyperpigmentation contain components that remove the pigmented spots. These make your skin clean and clear.

For dark spots

The provision of important nutrients can help eliminate dark spots.

For acne prone skin

Acne and it’s spots are treated by components like salicylic acid which are present in essential oils in abundance.


Instead of using expensive synthetic products, this is the time to turn back towards nature. Essential oils have a number of benefits and you can use them for a number of skin issues. Choose the essential oil that fulfills your requirements the best and make it a permanent part of your skincare routine.