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The Five Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

You have been working continuously for more than six months now after COVID-19. One must say that you have a hectic lifestyle. So, you deserve a break. The time has arrived when you can pack your bags, board the plane to visit the Caribbean Islands, and have a classic time exploring the beautiful beaches in the West Indies.

You have packed your bags with your best swimwear collection. Besides, you have your sun hats and shades in place. But what about your nail polish? Which colors should you have when frolicking on the beach? Of course, the sober colors you wear to the office will not look good. So it is time to chuck out the old colors and ring in the new OPI nail polish bottles. You have an exciting range of new OPI colors to choose from. We shall discuss some of the most attractive choices to make your beach day memorable.

Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

The skin-colored nude shades

Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

Of course, nobody expects you to wear a two-piece suit to a beach vacation. But, you will be in the sun in your swimming gear. So, the official bright reds can look out of place with your beachside look. The best combo you can ever try is the skin-colored nude shade.

OPI offers an excellent range of colors that match your skin tone the best. For example, you have a light tan shade if you are fair-skinned. At the same time, the darker tan shades should be perfect for people with wheaty skin tones. But, of course, the best part of having the nude skin-colored style on your nails is that they match the beach sand color the best.

You can also try contrasting shades with the fair-skinned people trying out the darker nudes, and vice-versa. Either way, it would be a beautiful experience.

The light blue shades

Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

While the nude colors are ideal for sunbathing on the beach, the light blue shades should be suitable if you get into the water for a swim or a surfing session. The light blue should match the seawater color perfectly and make you feel at ease.

Besides, the blue shades match the sky color perfectly and make you look like one with nature. The beautiful blue shades look stunning on your well-manicured nails as you sip your mint water at the beach restaurant.

So, your vacation backpack should have its quota of sky blue color to give you the perfect beach vibes. Secondly, the beachside blues have a contagiously calming influence on everyone you interact with.

The pinks exude a child-like innocence

Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

The pinks are beautiful because you can wear them to your office, the evening parties, and even on the beach vacation. It is a perfect choice for the summer season and reminds you of the cotton candy you can have on the beach. The fluorescent pink is a classic shade as it brings out the innocent child from within you. No wonder you find people turning heads toward you when you stroll on the beach with your pink nails.

The pink shade gels well with the sea enabling you to make a forceful fashion statement without even trying. Secondly, the pink shades look prominent on your nails and are perfect for creating the ideal beach portraits with your family.

Gold is a stunning shade all the time

Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

People generally reserve the metallic gold finishes for the evening balls and dance parties because they let you look your resplendent best. However, do you know that the golden hues look great on your nails even when you go on a beachside vacation, especially to the Caribbean? The golden-colored sands should serve as the perfect backdrop to your golden-colored nails and give you a timeless look.

Besides, the golden nails reflect light better than other colors. So, the sun reflecting off your nails would undoubtedly look remarkable. So now you understand why celebrities worldwide wear gold-colored nail polish whenever they go on a beach vacation?

The white is as pristine as it can be

Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear for a Beach Vacation

White is one of the best colors you can have while on a beach vacation. White is the perfect amalgamation of the seven primary colors of the rainbow. Hence, it suits all the natural colors perfectly.

White color brings out the best of all its supplementary shades like the blue color of the sky and the ocean, the green hue of the plantations, and the golden-beige color of the sands. The only way to know about the versatile white look is to wear it to the beach. So, if you are game enough to experiment, the white color should be the first one to pack in your vacation backpack.

Final Words

We have discussed five beautiful color combinations for your nails that you can wear on a beach vacation. New OPI nail polish offers all these shades and much more as you pack your bags for a long-awaited beachside vacation. So, have a great time.