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Top 5 Best Makeup Cream: Which Is Best for Your Skin Type?

Having a lot of options of beauty products in the market, you can always get confused what to choose and what to leave. You might be able to choose a makeup product successfully but when it comes to makeup cream, it’s a real time struggle. With the wide varieties of creams, ranging from moisturizing creams to the sunscreens, there are endless options to choose from. In addition to that, they also vary in skin type specifications. Most of the times it is seen that you have chosen the product of the most popular brand but it ended up not being your skin type. We have solved this problem for you by enlisting some of the best makeup creams so you can choose the one that’s best for your skin type.

Ever Glam K-Beauty Skin Perfector Korean BB Cream

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The multi-purpose Ever Glam is the best BB cream for aging skin. It not only works as a color corrector but also as a concealer, skin tone enhancer, moisturizing agent and a sunblock. The wide coverage of the cream covers all the inflamed or darkened areas of the skin and the amazing blending ability of the product works wonders within seconds. It provides an even, glowing and bright skin by just a few dabs of the product on the face. Covering wrinkles and freckles, it gives a youthful look to the skin.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream

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The It Cosmetics correcting cream contains natural ingredients which are highly skin-friendly. The medium tint of the cream helps in hiding the dark or reddish areas of the skin. It is perfect to be used with or without makeup and works the best either ways. It is good for sensitive skin especially the one which has any skin condition and is prone to recurrent dermal infections.

TLM Concealer Cover Cream

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The TLM concealer cream is perfect to highlight the dark and less prominent areas of the face. It makes the skin look neutral and natural toned. The product is extremely light weight and does not form scales on the skin. The creamy texture of the cream absorbs and dries out instantly without caking out. It also has the sun screening properties which protect the skin from the harmful UVA & UVB radiations. (more…)

How to Strengthen Your Gel Polish With a Dip Powder Overlay

Gel polish manicure lovers can attest to the fact that they easily crack and chip off. Therefore, extreme care is needed to avoid an accident that may force you to redo your nails. But is this how life will continue to be? What if it told you that you could add more strength and beauty to your gel mani at the comfort of your home or in the nearest salon? All you need is to create a soak-off gel and dip powder combo, and you will have long-lasting, healthy, elegant, and chick nails.

Gel polish is too typical for a beauty queen with a whole world ahead to enjoy. No matter how beautiful your manicure is, do not let it hold you back from achieving your dreams. A dip powder overlay on your gel polish will change your whole world as you will not be required to be as careful as you were before. Furthermore, you will daze your family and colleagues by attending to tasks that you would not have attempted there before. Even so, you will still enjoy a long-lasting, natural-looking, and luxurious manicure.

The practice of combining different nail systems is healthy and strongly encouraged. Nail products are manufactured in such a way that they work best when combined. Therefore, working with varying nail systems is one of the best practices that you should adopt. Furthermore, rules are made to be broken; thus, it will not be so wrong to try a new technique in your quest for a unique yet long-lasting manicure. Rather than applying the standard resin, try out a dip powder overlay, and the results will be perplexing. Just like the others who have gone out of the way to try this technique, you will realize that the messy layer of traditional gel manicure gets a unique look and more strength. Furthermore, you are not limited to the type of dip powder that you should use in the process. You can use OPI, DND, Kiara Sky nail colors, and SNS dipping powders or any other dip powder that catches your eyes.

Soak Off Nail Polish

Ready to start? It is vital to ensure that you have all the required components to avoid inconveniences amidst the process. If you want to experience the allure of dip powders for the first time, visit your usual nail supplies store and ask for a dip powder starter kit of your choice and the gel polish you want to use.

First, your natural nails need to be prepped and primed. Using Young Nails Conversion Base, apply a thin coat, and use LED light to cure the layer for half a minute. A clear dip powder should be applied as the second layer using a fluffy brush. Using Young Nails Conversion Top, apply a third thin layer and proceed to cure it. If other products are needed, they should be applied at this juncture. Cure the layers. The surface should then be buffed to provide a smooth look. Proceed to apply the gel polish as usual. (more…)

Transform Your Shiny Oil-Prone Face to Glowing Healthy Face

The skin gland secretes an oil-like substance called sebum to keep the skin hydrated and smooth. However, when they produce excess sebum, it remains on the skin and leads to oily looking skin. The oily skin causes skin problems like acne and clogging of pores if you do not maintain it properly. You need to maintain a routine and use skincare products that control oil production to deal with these issues.

face masks for oily skin

First Step

If you are tired of the shiny looking skin, it is time that you start trying best oily skin face washes, and you will undoubtedly notice the difference. The face wash that is designed for oily skin has an oil-controlling effect and keeps your face fresh for a longer time. Since there is not an accumulation of oil, the other issues related to excess production of sebum get diminished gradually.

Deep Care

You can try not only the face washes that give instant but short time results but also the face masks that provide long-lasting effects. Best face masks for oily skin work deeply from within and provide you with glowing skin instead of a shiny one. So, what magic ingredient do these oily skin related products contain? Let’s venture further and find out the issues and the secret behind the fresh and glowing skin.


Specialized oily skin products address the below issues caused due to the excess oil.

  • Large pores
  • Rough looking skin
  • Oily appearance
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads
  • Clogged pores

Another unwanted result that occurs due to oily skin is that the makeup products make them look either shinier. Sometimes the product clumps up due to its changed consistency when it comes in contact with the skin oils. (more…)

The Mardi Gras Nail Art

The festive nature of the Mardi Gras holiday comes with a lot of goodies, and you will need a great look to complement the great feeling that comes with it. It is advisable to consider a great manicure to avoid embarrassment as everything screams loud and festivity. This is the time to consider a dip powder manicure. The festivals come with a lot of activities, and you don’t need a manicure that holds you back. The long-lasting and durable LDS manicure is the way to go. You can enjoy some of the most prominent LDS dip colors such as purple-green, silver coral, yellow, white gold, orange, grey and black, among others. All these colors can be mixed and matched to create a perfect glitter for your nails. Be ready for fun and celebrations by choosing a few Mardi Gras nail art ideas.

Glitter and Glam

When you want to have ideally looking nails, you do not have to settle for one color. The holiday signatures can be incorporated into your look by combining the glittering purple, gold, and green trio colors on your nails. The resultant spark will make you fall in love. (more…)

How to Pamper Your Hair If You Have Less Time

You have heard several pieces of advice on hair care like oiling or conditioning every day. Probably your grandmother will suggest you, oiling your hair is best, and the salon expert will provoke you for a rebound spa treatment. Hair fall leads to hair loss and baldness. Before considering any hair product, here are a few steps, which you can consider for healthy hair. Do you know your hair needs two elementary nutrients for their growth? Protein and iron. They work like a hair supplement and help the hair cell grow faster.

How to Pamper Your Hair


Include leafy vegetables that have iron content in them. Again, soya bean, cereals, or beans are beneficial for your hair. Amongst fishes, you can try salmon in your diet. The protein content is higher in peas, lentils, and quinoa. Remember to consult a physician before taking any vitamin or protein tablets. Your body, in general, requires 10-12 mg iron, but we still suggest our readers consume medicine after taking doctor’s advice.

Steps for Maintaining Healthy Hair

Every day, while combing, you may find numerous hair strands and get worried about that is. Do not panic. Here are a few tips for you:

1. Try using your comb on the wet hair instead of in a dry state. Wet hair is fragile, so that breakage might happen. You can use a broad teeth comb. Run this comb from the internal root section until the hair ends gently.

2. Cutting or trimming hair once or twice a month is an essential factor. This helps to improve hair growth naturally. The quality of your hair also enhances due to this. Split end problems are eradicated well if you trim your hair at least 1/4th inch.

3. Do not shampoo your hair every day. Try using a natural conditioner after shampooing your hair. This helps your hair smooth and fights against the frizz.

4. There are DHT blocking shampoos, which you can opt for if you are suffering from baldness. These are the safest shampoos without causing any side effects. They help your hair to grow naturally. (more…)

The Best of SNS Powder Nails

Getting your nails done can take some time. Once they are done, you want to be really careful not to mess up your nails or you will have them done again, and it will be very time consuming. But girls will always be girls. Even if it requires a couple of hours to keep your claws appealing, you just won’t mind. All that matters is that you have some great looking nails that can somehow make your day feel a lot lighter. The more frequent you visit a salon, the more that you waste not just money, but your time and effort as well. You also are not assured that everything that the nail technician puts on your nails will be safe. If you want a better nail coat changing experience, you can rely on some of the best SNS powder nails to help you with your ordeal.

sns dipping powder

SNS, the Brand That Speaks for Itself

SNS has a whole lot of experience when it comes to nails. It is also the nail brand that first introduced the dipping powder system, a one of a kind nail coating system that does not require a UV light or LED lamp to cure the nails. Once your nails have been sealed with a sealing liquid that may be included in the kit that you buy from the brand, or may have been purchased separately, you just need to dip your fingers into the dip powder and your done. Your nails dry almost instantly. But as it dries, it leaves a gel-like finish that is hard enough to withstand most pressure that your nails can endure. It is light and feels like natural nails, only it is glossy and, of course, looks a lot more appealing.

The best thing about having the nails done with one of the best SNS powder nails is that you get to wear your best-looking nails for even up to two weeks. That means less time to prep your nails and have it done. Your nails get to grow longer and stronger as well since you won’t have to apply harsh nail products on them that much. And as each formulation of the SNS powder nails is enriched with essential vitamins, you are assured that your nails are nourished from the inside out. It’s not just beauty on the surface, but health for your nails that will make them a lot better to look at even without polish. (more…)