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Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

Many women find it challenging to match the nail polish with their outfit or occasion. For example, the nail colors that seem perfect for a wedding could look out of place when attending a formal official meeting. Similarly, the nail polish shades you wear for an interview are completely different from those you wear on the beach. However, you have some DND gel colors that seem perfect for all occasions. Let us see what these classic colors are.

Best Nail Color for All Occasions

The Neutral Shades – Matches all skin tones

Nail Color Combos That Suit All Occasions

If you are scouting for a simple color combo that suits all attire and occasions, you need not look beyond the neutral shades. These colors pair well with every skin tone. So, these neutral shades stand out whether you are in the boardroom discussing an important project with your directors or having fun on the beach with your loved ones. If you doubt which neutral shade to choose, your nail therapist is the ideal person to guide you properly. (more…)