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The Benefits of Tanning Lotions and the Wonders They Can Do

Tanning lotions play a very important role in the procedure of tanning. These are now an important product to be used with tanning products. Especially used after the actual tanning process, it gives you uncomparable results. It largely enhances the tanning process and takes your skin to a whole other level. This article is aimed at the benefits of tanning lotions and how they can increase the effect of your tan. Let’s check out what wonders a tanning lotion can do for your skin.

The Benefits of Tanning Lotions

Why you should use a tanning lotion

Using a tanning lotion has a number of benefits that go unnoticed. These are as follows:

  • Moisture: Moisturization is very important after tanning. A well moisturized tan helps in developing faster and darker tan. It keeps your skin soft and supple and does not let the tan dry out.
  • Easy application: Just like any other lotion, tanning lotions are easy to apply due to their creamy and watery consistency. Due to this reason, these lotions spread evenly and conveniently on the skin.
  • Protection from sun: Most tanning lotions come with sunscreen. This keeps your skin as well as your tan protected from the sun. The more you keep your skin protected, the longer your tan stays fresh and vibrant.
  • Preventing wrinkle formation: Tanning lotions keep your skin tight and firm, preventing wrinkling of the skin. In this way, your tan does not form patches.

The advantages of indoor tanning lotions

Now let’s talk about indoor tanning lotions. A variety of indoor tanning lotions are available these days. This gives you a wide range of options to choose from according to your preferences.

An indoor tanning lotion is the one that gives you a darker and faster tan than the one that you would get if you lay in the sun. This is particularly beneficial if you have sensitive skin and sun tan causes inflammation or redness. Along with that, UV protection will help in preventing premature aging.

Talking about the choices, the most widely used these days is indoor tanning lotion with tingle. The tingle lotion gives multiple results within one product. It increases the microcirculation of your skin cells. This allows the cells to pick up the tan faster and let it penetrate deeper into your skin. Along with that, it gives a warming effect on your skin. (more…)