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Transform Your Shiny Oil-Prone Face to Glowing Healthy Face

The skin gland secretes an oil-like substance called sebum to keep the skin hydrated and smooth. However, when they produce excess sebum, it remains on the skin and leads to oily looking skin. The oily skin causes skin problems like acne and clogging of pores if you do not maintain it properly. You need to maintain a routine and use skincare products that control oil production to deal with these issues.

face masks for oily skin

First Step

If you are tired of the shiny looking skin, it is time that you start trying best oily skin face washes, and you will undoubtedly notice the difference. The face wash that is designed for oily skin has an oil-controlling effect and keeps your face fresh for a longer time. Since there is not an accumulation of oil, the other issues related to excess production of sebum get diminished gradually.

Deep Care

You can try not only the face washes that give instant but short time results but also the face masks that provide long-lasting effects. Best face masks for oily skin work deeply from within and provide you with glowing skin instead of a shiny one. So, what magic ingredient do these oily skin related products contain? Let’s venture further and find out the issues and the secret behind the fresh and glowing skin.


Specialized oily skin products address the below issues caused due to the excess oil.

  • Large pores
  • Rough looking skin
  • Oily appearance
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads
  • Clogged pores

Another unwanted result that occurs due to oily skin is that the makeup products make them look either shinier. Sometimes the product clumps up due to its changed consistency when it comes in contact with the skin oils.

What Causes Oily Skin?

Genetics, hormone changes, stress levels are the leading causes. Though some genuine causes are hard to control and require dermatological intervention, most of the issues can be addressed quickly.

Regular Washing

Ingredients: The sure shot method to achieve oil-free skin each time you wash your face without stripping your face off the necessary oils is as follows. Aim for products that contain salicylic acid, beta-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and beta-hydroxy acid.

Test: Oily skin face washes containing these skin-friendly acids should always be tested when using for the first time. They act differently for different skin sensitivity. So, be sure to test on a small area before using them on your face.

Timing: You should be washing your face twice a day, at least, and one of them should be before going to sleep. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep, and clean skin can work effectively in rejuvenating itself.

Further Support

The daily routine cleans your face, but if you can support it with supplying it with some nourishment to deal with oil production, then it would be healthier.

Mask: A face mask is applied for a certain period allowing the skin to absorb the vital ingredients presented to it and make use of them for repairing itself. Best face masks for oily skin help to reduce the size of the pore by eliminating the waste in them and tightening the pores and thus reducing the oil output.

Application: Applying a face mask can be done once every week or maximum twice. Since this requires time, it can be done before sleeping or during weekends. As skin needs rest after a face mask, you should not expose it to pollution or sun for a few hours for the best results.

Quick Tip

A quick tip is that you should always pat dry after washing or blotch when using paper towels. Rubbing them hard will activate skin cells to produce more oil, and they secrete more oil.