Dessa Marie Artistry

The Mardi Gras Nail Art

The festive nature of the Mardi Gras holiday comes with a lot of goodies, and you will need a great look to complement the great feeling that comes with it. It is advisable to consider a great manicure to avoid embarrassment as everything screams loud and festivity. This is the time to consider a dip powder manicure. The festivals come with a lot of activities, and you don’t need a manicure that holds you back. The long-lasting and durable LDS manicure is the way to go. You can enjoy some of the most prominent LDS dip colors such as purple-green, silver coral, yellow, white gold, orange, grey and black, among others. All these colors can be mixed and matched to create a perfect glitter for your nails. Be ready for fun and celebrations by choosing a few Mardi Gras nail art ideas.

Glitter and Glam

When you want to have ideally looking nails, you do not have to settle for one color. The holiday signatures can be incorporated into your look by combining the glittering purple, gold, and green trio colors on your nails. The resultant spark will make you fall in love.

Mixed Glitter French Manicure

How do you think your nails would look if you would combine several glitter colors and apply them on the tip of your nails? If you have no ideas, the Mardi Gras holiday should be the best time for you to try. The way you will do it will entirely depend on you, but we promise that it will be awesome. Also, if you do not mind, you can apply the colors in lines for a bewildering glamor.

Glitters All The Way

If using glitters does not disturb you, then you are the perfect Mardi Gras girl. After all, Mardi’s main ingredients are colors, beads, and glitters. It is also the only occasion where you can use as much glitz as you want. Therefore, go for it and apply different glitter colors on your nails.

Fab Trio

The fab trio is made up of green, gold, and purple. Diverse methods can be used to create the fab trio shades, and in each of the methods, you will be left with a mouth-watering look on your nails. Pick green and purple colors and paint the tips of your nails. Make sure that the color divides the nails into halves. Pick a gold tape and apply a gold line between the two halves. That will leave you with a unique look that gives you the courage to show your nails to everyone.

Gold and Multi-Colored Stars

The shape of your nails doesn’t matter because we have nail designs for everyone. Are your nail tips almond-shaped? Well, there is a perfect nail design that you should try. Acquire some gold color and scatter it on the nail tips. Pick some multi-colored stars and spread them on the other parts of the nails. It will leave you with a design that looks perfect and extravagant.

Rainbow Bling Manicure

If you plan to use a true big style in Mardi celebrations, you can have the best of this style by covering your nails with rainbow and gold gemstones. You will have created a blingy manicure that makes you look unique and adorable in the celebrations.

Single Nail

If you don’t fall for top drawer nail art, why not try the single nail art idea? It involves using purple color to paint four fingernails. Then, make sure that the ring finger is jazzed up using the subtle fleur de Lis design. The resultant glamour will make you wish for Mardi celebrations every month.

Unicorn Inspired Nails

Make your fantasies come true on Mardi by going for a unicorn manicure. It’s a perfect idea because unicorns are the most festive creatures that you can ever fathom. Unicorn inspired nails are fun to admire, and good vibes are all that they offer. You only have to visit a store that sells professional nail supplies and ask for OPI dip nails.

Fat Tuesday Manicure

The carnival season ends on fat Tuesday, implying that you will have to lay low a while longer before the next Mardi. On the last day of celebrations, you must be looking elegant as never before. With great outfits, do not let the nails betray you. Go for the Fat Tuesday manicure by applying a black color on the nails and then covering them with glitters.

Jewel of the Occasion

Is simplicity your thing? OPI dip colors are there to help you achieve the look that you desire the most. Have your nails painted with the signature holiday colors and apply glitters on just one nail to let it shine more than the others. Well, this might be an understated look, but it will give you a perfect allure, even better than you had anticipated.


If you are the open-minded type that imagines that perfection comes in different forms, well, looks should be one of them. We welcome you to try Dip powder colors and see how perfect you can become. A dip powder manicure comes in different styles. The most festive styles that you should try are the Mardi Gras nail arts. Just visit a wholesale nail polish store and purchase the LDS dip powder kit.