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How to Strengthen Your Gel Polish With a Dip Powder Overlay

Gel polish manicure lovers can attest to the fact that they easily crack and chip off. Therefore, extreme care is needed to avoid an accident that may force you to redo your nails. But is this how life will continue to be? What if it told you that you could add more strength and beauty to your gel mani at the comfort of your home or in the nearest salon? All you need is to create a soak-off gel and dip powder combo, and you will have long-lasting, healthy, elegant, and chick nails.

Gel polish is too typical for a beauty queen with a whole world ahead to enjoy. No matter how beautiful your manicure is, do not let it hold you back from achieving your dreams. A dip powder overlay on your gel polish will change your whole world as you will not be required to be as careful as you were before. Furthermore, you will daze your family and colleagues by attending to tasks that you would not have attempted there before. Even so, you will still enjoy a long-lasting, natural-looking, and luxurious manicure.

The practice of combining different nail systems is healthy and strongly encouraged. Nail products are manufactured in such a way that they work best when combined. Therefore, working with varying nail systems is one of the best practices that you should adopt. Furthermore, rules are made to be broken; thus, it will not be so wrong to try a new technique in your quest for a unique yet long-lasting manicure. Rather than applying the standard resin, try out a dip powder overlay, and the results will be perplexing. Just like the others who have gone out of the way to try this technique, you will realize that the messy layer of traditional gel manicure gets a unique look and more strength. Furthermore, you are not limited to the type of dip powder that you should use in the process. You can use OPI, DND, Kiara Sky nail colors, and SNS dipping powders or any other dip powder that catches your eyes.

Soak Off Nail Polish

Ready to start? It is vital to ensure that you have all the required components to avoid inconveniences amidst the process. If you want to experience the allure of dip powders for the first time, visit your usual nail supplies store and ask for a dip powder starter kit of your choice and the gel polish you want to use.

First, your natural nails need to be prepped and primed. Using Young Nails Conversion Base, apply a thin coat, and use LED light to cure the layer for half a minute. A clear dip powder should be applied as the second layer using a fluffy brush. Using Young Nails Conversion Top, apply a third thin layer and proceed to cure it. If other products are needed, they should be applied at this juncture. Cure the layers. The surface should then be buffed to provide a smooth look. Proceed to apply the gel polish as usual.

Must-Have Products

Your endeavor needs top quality products such as Gelish Merci Bouquet, Cuccio Powder Polish Dip Clear, Orly 100/200 Grit Zebra File, Kupa Sculpting Forms, Revel Nail Dip Powder D75 Vivien Clear, SNS dipping powder Natural Set Sheer, Mia Secret 100/180 Grit File, and Young Nails Caption Conversion Base, and Top, among others.

Construction Zone

The dip and soak-off gel polish technique is made more remarkable by the fact that apart from using it to create an overlay, it can also be used to add length to your nails. However, only the Young Nails Conversion Base and Top can be used in this process. If you opt for other products, make sure that they are first tested.

If you want to add length to your nails, begin by adding a layer of conversion Base on the nails. Cure, and proceed to apply form, ensuring that you follow all the provided guidelines. On the form layer, float a Conversion Base and then cure. This step can be repeated for additional structure. The form should then be removed, and dip powder cleared using. Use a fluffy brush to dust off the excess powder and shape the free edges and sidewalls. Use Conversion Base to add the final coating and cure it. If you choose to add glitters, make sure that you seal it with a Conversion Baselayer that is then cured. You can fill the gaps between your glitters by dust clearing the dip powder on the tacky layer.


Both traditional gels and dip powders can be used alone, but the combo provides a more unique and luxurious look. It is okay to fancy gel manicures more than other sorts of manicures, but you need to ask yourself what you get in return for being their die-hard fun. Introducing a dip powder touch will give your nails all the beauty and length you have ever desired.